Atlantic Compass 21 Inch Expandable Carry-On Spinner Suiter Review

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The Atlantic Compass 21″ Expandable Carry-On Spinner Suitcase is a great compact bag that combines the convenience of a carry on bag with the maneuverability of an upright bag. It has 4 spinner wheels located on the bottom and a collapsible handle that disappears into the backside of the bag. It has a special feature that allows it to expand to hold an additional amount of clothes or stuff. It is constructed of lightweight but attractive looking material for durability and appeal.

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This bag is part of the category of luggage called spinners and it refers mainly to the wheels attached to the bottom and the literally spin 360 degrees making them extremely maneuverable especially in the tight quarters of an airplane. The other aspect of the spinners is that they are designed to fit in overhead compartments, while still being able to hold quite a lot of stuff.

Atlantic Compass 21″ Carry on Luggage Features

  • Free returns and Free shipping
  • Carry-on spinner suitcase with four wheels
  • Lightweight honeycomb construction
  • 14 x 9 x 22 inches and weights 10 pounds

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The Compass 21” Carry-On bag not only looks great with a 1680D poly blend material, but it is also has a lightweight honeycomb style inner construction that makes it very durable. It has two large zippered pockets for plenty of extra storage. The pull handle is self locking when you need it and when not in use it hides discretely into backside of the bag.

It really does hold a lot of clothes and other things you need to bring on your trip. To help keep everything organized inside it is fully lined and has three pockets in the top cover to stow smaller items so they don’t end up all over the inside of your bag once you reach your destination. It also has a special feature, for those trips that you really need to pack a little extra, you have a 2” expansion that is accessed by unzipping the zipper that goes all the way around the bag.

A couple other things about the Atlantic Compass Carry-On bag are it has two padded handle (one on each side) and a padded handle on top of the bag for those trips that you really don’t need to roll the bag.

Atlantic Compass Luggage Review

After reading through many of the online reviews posted on the Atlantic Compass 21” Carry-On bag it is obvious that this is really great product. The majority of comments have been positive and here are some examples. A reviewer really liked the fact that it seems to meet all of regulations for carry on luggage (even international standards). Another reviewer pointed out that smaller of the two outside zippered pocket makes a perfect place to hold things like passports and tickets before you get to the airport for your trip. Another reviewer was really pleased with the length of the pull handle when it was fully extended did not give them any problem despite them being a rather tall person. The same person also posted that the Compass fit easily into the overhead compartment of the plane on their last trip. Click here to read more reviews.

Though many of the comments were positive, there were a few negative comments left about the Atlantic Compass Spinner bag. One reviewer received the one they ordered with a broken wheel and decided not to get another one and gave it a very low rating. Another reviewer pointed out that if you are not careful on how you pack the bag it has a tendency to tip over due to the wheels being to close together. Based on the average rating of 4 stars from the reviewers on from the 14 reviews it is obvious that the Atlantic Compass is really good product.

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Based on the reviews that I have read on the Atlantic Compass 21″ Expandable Carry-On Suitcase I would highly recommend this carry on bag for anyone looking for a new bag for their next trip. Click here to check it out.


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