Samsonite Xspace 21.5 In. Expandable Spinner Review

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The Samsonite Xspace 21.5 In. Expandable Spinner is the perfect carry on bag for your next plane trip. It combines the convenience of a handle and wheels you normally find on a larger case and compact size that will allow you to carry it on the plane. It is constructed of the Poly/Nylon blend material that has made Samsonite luggage the most durable on the market. For those trips that you need to pack a little more, it has a special feature that allows it to expand an extra 2 inches.

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Samsonite has been making high quality and very popular luggage for many years and Xspace spinner carryon bag is just another in a very long line of bags from them. It’s roomy enough inside to carry a lot of stuff. It has features that you would expect to find in much larger bags like; a strap to help hold your clothes in place and storage pockets in the lid to help keep things organized.

Samsonite Xspace Spinner Features

  • 8 x 21.5 x 14.8 inches and weights 10.9 pounds
  • Includes a 3-1-1 bag for expedite security checks
  • Made of Poly / Nylon Blended Fabrics
  • Great mobility with 4  multi-directional 360 degree wheels
  • Can be expanded for additional space by unzipping second zipper

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The Xspace 21 inch carryon bag has several features that will make it very easy to get this bag to your destination including; wheels (which turn 360 degrees), retractable (upright locking) handle and a fully padded fixed handle, for those times you decide not to pull it. They also included handles both sides of the bag, in case you need to carry it in a specific manner.

Samsonite fully lined the interior of the bag to help keep your belongings from getting damaged while packed inside. For those trips that you just need to pack some extra stuff, you can unzip and expand the bag to give you 2 inches of extra room inside. Plus for some additional storage there is large zippered pocket in front of the bag.

The Samsonite Xpace 21.5 in gives you an incredible amount of storage and with its unique 3-1-1 design will make it a breeze for you to go through airport security. Along with that, you have a removable laundry bag to make doing laundry a snap on those extended stay trips. On top of all that, you will find a one-quart plastic bag for storing your toiletries.

Samsonite Xspace Review
After looking at many reviews posted online for the Samsonite Xspace 21.5” Expandable Spinner It became apparent that the overwhelming majority of the reviewers absolutely loved it. One reviewer raved about the wheels and that they were able to literally push it sideways do the aisle of the plane. Another reviewers loved the fact that it was a bit smaller than the usual bag they purchased, but it still held everything they needed and fit comfortably in the overhead bin on the plane. Another reviewer was really happy with the appearance of it and that it was the dominant reason why they choose it. Click here to check it out.

Not all of the reviews were so glowing about the Samsonite Xspace Spinner bag. The majority of the negative comments involved issues with failing zippers. Well, based on the 4.0 star rating out of 23 reviews posted on, I would have to say they were problem isolated issues and not a reason to avoid the bag. Out of these 23 reviews, over 18 of them have been exceedingly positive. Click here to read more reviews.

Based on reading through the reviews posted on the Samsonite Xspace 21.5 In. Expandable Spinner, I would have to highly recommend this bag.

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Customer Reviews

Gman December 6th, 2011 (#)

I like the idea of the spinning capability but the look of the design is not appealing to me at all. I would be interested to see if they come out with the same feature on other styles of luggage. I should just buy a carryon since that is what I use most often but a family vacation will require more luggage than that. I love getting to my hotel room and only needing to unpack one small suitcase so I can get to catching up on my TV shows on I go there because everything I watch normally is there and easy to access. I can even get Allen Gregory from FOX before FOX has it on their website. Sometimes I pack my laptop in my luggage which is convenient too.

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