US Traveler New Yorker 4 Piece Luggage Set Review

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The New Yorker 4 piece luggage set is one of the best sets in US Traveler’s collection. It is comprised by four pieces of luggage three of which are upright-type luggage while one is a tote. It is great for individuals who need to bring a lot of things for their trip. The u.s. traveler new yorker 4 piece luggage set will ensure that there is plenty of room for your stuffs. This lightweight luggage set can be bought through for a 57% discount. We couldn’t find a better price anywhere else. Click here to check it out.

New Yorker 4 Piece Luggage Set Features & Specifications

Each piece in the 4 piece luggage set is made from lightweight fabric that is tear-resistant at the same time. This is good because you can rest assured that your dollars will be spent for something that you can use for a long time if not forever.

  • Durable tear-resistant lightweight fabrication
  • Upright: 29” H x 17” W x 10.5” D – expands to 12.5″ in Depth
  • Upright: 25” H x 15” W x 9.5” D – expands to 11.5 ” in Depth
  • Upright: 21” H x 13.5” W x 8” D – expands to 10″ in Depth
  • Tote: 15” W x 10” H x 7” D

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There is also an EVA foam front panel and an adjustable strap for the upright luggage pieces. Each upright-type luggage also has inline skate wheels so you can easily carry or pull them.

The smallest upright-type luggage has a height of 21” and width of 13.5”. One of the best features of the US Traveler New Yorker 4 piece luggage set is its expandable feature: 25% more capacity. As one of the best brands in luggage and bags, US Traveler knows that travelers need to bring a lot of things most of the time and it succeeds in giving travelers what they need with the new yorker luggage set. It even has zippered pockets so you can easily keep and take out your travel documents or any paper.

US Traveler New Yorker Luggage Set Review

The us traveler 4 piece luggage set received many positive reviews. Most reviewers even rated the New Yorker set with 5-stars. One of the things they like about the set is its unexpected large capacity. One reviewer was even disappointed with its width but was surprised to see the depth of the upright luggage pieces. Another feature that receives constant praise is its durability, which has become a surprise to most consumers considering the price. The fabric, lining and stitching have outstanding quality so you can even stuff each piece to the max. nonetheless, you should not abuse the luggage’s capacity if you want it to survive for years. Click here to read more reviews.

On the other hand, there are a few consumers who had expressed dissatisfaction with the new yorker luggage set. One reviewer even claims that one of the handles came off on his first trip. However, this is a rare case because most consumers were surprised to see how durable the set is. It may also help if you will check the product for manufacture defect. It is much better if you will get the product from reliable dealers and purchase weeks before your trip so you can easily return and exchange the item in a rare case that it is defective.

In general, the US Traveler luggage sets are of good quality. The New Yorker luggage set stands out when it comes to better depth, capacity and durability. The new yorker 4-piece luggage set is definitely a great choice if you are looking for one that is affordable but is sure to last for years and can stand many trips. Click here to SAVE $114 for a limited time only!

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