Traveler’s Choice Unisex – Adult Freedom 3 Piece Lightweight Luggage Set Review

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When the time is set to travel, most people get excited but before anyone can have a fulfilled trip, there are some preparations that must be made. Terrible preparations often lead to awful trips. One of the ways anyone can have a good trip is by making sure that all needed stuff and materials are properly packaged. Putting personal effects together for a trip and still maintaining style and integrity can be a great pain but who says you have to endure it? With Travelers Choice Unisex – Adult Freedom 3 piece lightweight luggage set you don’t have a worry in the world no matter where you are traveling.

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This Travelers Choice luggage set has three pieces and each of them is made of extremely lightweight materials. There is no point adding to your burden and that is exactly what will happen if you do not consider the weight of the carrier or box you use for your luggage. The Travelers Choice Unisex is made of quality polycarbonate hard shell properties. This helps to give optimal resistance during usage.

Adult Freedom 3 Piece Lightweight Luggage Set Features

  • Traveler’s choice freedom luggage set.
  • Long lasting and lightweight polycarbonate abs materials
  • Hard shell luggage for max impact resistance.
  • 11 x 30 x 21 inches and 25.5 pounds

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There are many benefits from using polycarbonate in the shell and one of them is that it makes the set to be light in weight and therefore very easy to travel with. For each of the sets that make up the bag, there is plenty of room and you can conveniently use this to pack your personal effects and other things you may need to travel with.

It is common to find out that some bags like this make use of latches. There is a disadvantage with the use of such bags and such latches give way when you least expect and if this should happen while you are away on a trip, you can best imagine the ridiculous trauma you will have to endure. In place of latches, the Travelers Choice Unisex lightweight luggage makes use of zipper and this holds whatever is kept in the bag firmly in place.

Travelers Choice Unisex Lightweight Luggage Set Review

Our research into the Travelers Choice 3 piece luggage set turned up a lot of very positive reviews. It received a 4 star rating out of a possible 5 stars on Amazon. With the Adult Freedom lightweight luggage set, you don’t have to worry about how you will maneuver your way around all by yourself. The sets come with rollers and the sets roll just fine on any surface and you will surely not find it hard to get around at the airport by yourself even if there is no one around to assist you.

If you look at the sets from afar, it is possible that you get the wrong notion that they are not strong enough to last. Oftentimes people get discouraged by this feeling. However there are raving remarks left behind by those who have been using these sets for a long time and they are still making use of them any time they want to travel till today.

Travelers Choice Unisex – Adult Freedom 3 piece lightweight luggage simplifies a lot of things for you when you want to travel. If there are many things you need on your trip and still want to travel light, these sets are what you need. Click here to check it out.

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Suitcase Reviews February 3rd, 2012 (#)

Great review, the only thing i’m unsure about is – is each suitcase the exact same size?


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